HumoAir symbols
21 August 2023

Hello, you’ve probably already seen our palm logo and corporate color. We would like to tell you more about what they mean.

Our logo, an open palm, welcomes you from advertising, social media and boarding passes. “High-fiving”, putting your palms to your heart, a friendly pat on the back and even applause as a sign of familiarity, as they do in some countries, are all gestures of openness and friendliness that we put into the HumoAir logo. The caring hands of our staff, always ready to help, accompany you throughout your journey with HumoAir.

The open palm is also a sign of “Fly with us!”. Fly because it’s faster than driving a car. We flew to see our beloved ones. Fly to see new places in our beautiful Uzbekistan.

Our corporate color is the color of pomegranate, a symbol of fertility, abundance and friendship. A favorite fruit in Uzbekistan, which you have not once come across in the form of paintings on ceramic plates and tea sets, embroidered suzane and women’s robes fluttering in the wind, in the form of vaults, mukarns, resembling the outline of a pomegranate in the cut.

The magenta color of pomegranate is noble and pure, just like HumoAir’s mission: to make travel accessible to everyone, reduce travel time and leave it for the things that matter most to people.

Our name and logo also encode an important symbol for every Uzbek people – the bird of happiness Semurg or “Khumo”. A bird covered with fish scales, with the outline of a lion or a dog, but with wings of magical beauty shimmering in all colors, saved the worthy of men from trouble and persecution.

Nobility, height, flight, safety – these are the meanings that HumoAir invests not only in external attributes, but also sees it as its mission. People fly. Everyone can fly.

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