The first press conference of Humo Air took place
31 October 2023

On October 25, at a press conference at Hyatt Regency Tashkent Hotel, we announced the launch of a new low-cost carrier HUMO AIR and shared our ambitious plans with representatives of leading Uzbek media.

Our goal is to develop internal tourism in Uzbekistan, to enable inhabitants to see each other more often and to travel around their native country. This, first of all, will be facilitated by prices: ticket prices for internal destinations start from 155,000 soums. “At HUMO AIR we believe that flying can be easy, comfortable and affordable for everyone. Our airline was created to make traveling easy and carefree,” said Renata Starostina, Acting General Director of HUMO AIR.

The company’s plans are confirmed by concrete figures: more than 1000 flights from Tashkent are scheduled in the next three months, the air fleet will increase to four Airbus A320/321 by the end of the year and already more than 100 employees are responsible for safety, comfort and new impressions.
The main strategic partner of HUMO AIR became Swiss investment company – Valleyroad Capital. The top management of the airline spoke at the press conference, new uniforms and cabin crew were presented.

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