HUMO Air prepares to launch international destinations
29 February 2024

Low-cost airline HUMO Air announces the imminent launch of international destinations on routes near and far abroad, in connection with which it begins the process of preparation for the redesign and restructuring of the airline.

During two months of flights the low-cost carrier has carried more than 100,000 passengers within Uzbekistan, and this proves its full readiness to launch foreign destinations. The airline will retain internal flights within Uzbekistan and launch new international destinations such as Kazakhstan, UAE, Turkey, China, Qatar, Azerbaijan. However, the company needs restructuring, system upgrade, staff training and obtaining necessary permits, so from March 10 we have to suspend flights to restart.

For reference: A low-cost airline is a low-budget airline, in other words, an air carrier that, by optimizing all processes related to the company’s operations, can afford to sell tickets at low prices.

It should be noted that scheduled flights to the cities of Uzbekistan and around the world, in turn, offer passengers budget and safe flights on modern comfortable airplanes, while reducing the distance on internal routes.

With the company, whose motto is “People fly”, the sky of Uzbekistan awaits many innovations and changes in the future!

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