Seat selection

Settle yourself by the window and watch the passing scenic landscapes, choose a place with ample space between the rows for a lengthy flight, or sit next to your whole family and discuss the upcoming voyage.

If you are a frequent flyer, you will probably choose your accustomed seat without much thinking. However, if you are a beginning traveler, it would be useful to learn about some of the features before booking.

Sit back and relax

Onboard our aircraft, you’ll enjoy some of the widest seats in the industry, ergonomically designed for your comfort. We offer lots of seating options to meet your travel needs.

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Your Preference

Get your preference of aisle, window or middle seat


Sit near the front, or exit – it’s your choice!

Stay Together

Keep your party together

Traveling With Children?

When one or more of the passengers on a reservation are 13 years of age or younger, HumoAir will guarantee adjacent seats for the child or children and an accompanying adult (over age 13) at no additional cost for all fare types subject to limited conditions specified below.

  • Child and accompanying adult are on the same reservation
  • Adjacent seats are available at the time of booking in the selected class of service
  • Adult either chooses seats for the entire reservation or skips seats for the entire reservation, and does not make changes to seat assignments once assigned to them
  • It is physically possible based on seat layout to seat the number of children traveling next to the accompanying adult(s).

Although HumoAir will provide adjacent seats if available at the time of booking, HumoAir might not provide seat assignments right away. HumoAir will provide the customer the adjacent seating assignments no later than the day before scheduled departure of the flight.