Terms and conditions

1. Visa, Travel Documents & Check In:

a) Airport Check-in counters open two hours prior to scheduled departure time of the flight and closes 30 mins prior to scheduled departure time. Government formalities related to health and security procedures may vary at different airports. It is the passengers’ responsibility to ensure that they comply with these formalities and procedures. Passengers failing to check-in on time will not be accepted for travel and will forfeit their flight and their ticket.

b) It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have and carry the necessary valid documents, including visas, to meet the immigration requirements of their travelling from the origin to the destination including any stop countries. Passengers must respect the maximum length of stay mentioned on the visa as well as the number of entries.

2. Check-in Baggage:

a) Maximum weight permitted per individual piece of check-in baggage is 23 kgs with total dimensions of 158 CM/ 62 IN (W+D+L)

b) For Passengers Traveling on “Special Fare” rule, are entitled for a free baggage allowance of 30 Kgs.

c) For passengers travelling to/from all other Airports: subject to availability, passengers can pre-book their desired baggage allowance & number of pieces, during the booking process at nominal rates.

d) Any additional weight other than the pre-booked allowance, will be considered as excess baggage and applicable rate will be charged.

e) Free check-in baggage allowance is not applicable for infants however a baby bag &/or baby food &/a collapsable cradle is permitted free charge provided under 2 kg.

f) USD 20 will be applicable for carriage of any TV measuring 40″ (inches) and above. Maximum size permitted is 60″(inches). This has to be prebooked on the system and packaged as per airport standards.

g) USD 15 will be applicable for oversize baggage that exceeds more than total dimensions of 203 CM/ 62 IN (W+D+L). This has to be prebooked on the system.

h) Humo Air liability for lost or damaged baggage is limited to SDR 17 per kg as per Warsaw convention. Humo Air shall have no liability for any damage to valuable items or documents.

i) Self-balancing electric scooter or personal motorized vehicles, powered by lithium batteries will not be accepted on-board Humo Air flights. Please refer to www.flyhumo.com to check list of prohibited items.

3. Hand Baggage:

a) Baggage allowances as per fare rules. Maximum hand baggage dimensions within 40 x 30 x 25 cm (Basic) or 56 x 36 x 23 (Standard, Special). Any additional or non-compliant baggage will be subject to an excess baggage charge at check in. Additionally, baggage allowances may be checked prior to boarding gate.

4. Flight times, changes, cancellations and credit:

a) Reservations may be modified/cancelled as per applicable fare rules. Modifications and Cancelation charges apply.

b) For group bookings, modification and cancellation charges may vary. Please contact your issuing agency.
c) Refund of the cost of the ticket and additional services, at the Passenger’s choice, can be carried out in the form of credit to the passenger’s personal account in the Humo Air’s booking system, for future use for the purchase of air tickets and additional services, regardless of the method of their acquisition, in accordance with the fare rules/conditions of the cost of the additional service established by the Carrier.
d) *Govt. taxes, fees or any other charges are subject to change without prior notice.

e) Flight schedules can be changed between the reservation date and the flight date.

f) Passengers must provide when booking their valid email address, mobile phone number and travel phone number. Any schedule changes will be communicated to passengers using the contact details provided when booking.

5. Unaccompanied Minors & Infants:

a) We do not accept children traveling unaccompanied under their 16th birthday. Passengers accompanying children should be above 18 years old.

b) Humo Air does not accept infants for travel within 2 days of birth. Infants between 3-6 days old will require a fit to fly certificate or indemnity form signed by the parents. Infants over 7 days old will be accepted without any restrictions.

6. Handling Fee:

a) Appointed sales agents of Humo Air are authorized to collect a handling fee over and above the total fare reflecting on your itinerary. These charges are regulated and the updated handling fees by country are available for your reference on www.flyhumo.com. The appointed agents are obliged to produce the same information on demand to verify the charges.

7. Bus Service, Car Service, Travel Insurance and other third-party Services:

a) Bus service, Car Service, Travel Insurance and some other services are provided by a third party and Humo Air accepts no responsibility and shall not be liable for any direct, consequential or incidental damage or any kind occasioned by reason of any act or omission beyond its control including without limitation, any act of negligence, mishap or breach of contract of any third party who is to or does supply any goods or services for the tour to journey.

8. Additional Information:

a) By buying this ticket, the passenger confirms herewith that he/she has agreed on and accepted all terms and conditions of carriage https://www.flyhumo.com en/conditions-carriage and policies as issued and amended by the Carrier from time to time on its website www.flyhumo.com. In case of any dispute related to any/all of the services as provided by the Carrier and/or any of its authorized representatives before, during and/or after the provision of the service, such dispute shall be exclusively and solely raised, filed, submitted, registered and/or presented, referred to and finally resolved by arbitration under Uzbekistan Law which Rules are deemed to be incorporated by reference into this clause. The number of arbitrators shall be one. The seat, or legal place, of arbitration shall be Uzbek language of the arbitration and all documents shall be Uzbek /English.

b) Carriage under this ticket by Humo Air is indicated by use of the HJ airline designator code against the relevant travel segment(s) shown above. Where this ticket includes carriage by another carrier, Humo Air acts solely as agent for that other carrier.

c) Humo Air will be liable only for damage occurring during carriage on flights or flight segments where HJ designator code appears in the carriage box. If Humo Air issues a Ticket of, or if we Check Baggage for carriage on another carrier, it does so only as agent for the other carrier. Nevertheless, with respect to checked baggage, you may make a claim against the first or last carrier.


For any queries or claims, please find our contacts on the web site.

For all emergency assistance please call +998 78 113 88 28